WordPress Quick Tips: Receiving “Call to undefined function wp()”?

Did you recently update a WordPress plugin and received the error: “Call to undefined function wp()”? There’s a good chance that your wp-config.php is blank!

How did this happen? The plugin that you updated probably interacts with the wp-config.php file in some way. That plugin encountered some kind of issue finding its configuration block and cleared the wp-config.php file.

Adding a Link to the PersonaBar in DNN – The Easy Way

Recently, I wanted to add a link under the “Manage” menu in the PersonaBar in DNN (DotNetNuke). I did some research and it looked like the “best practice” was to create a PersonaBar extension.

I really didn’t want to go to all that trouble to simply add a link. I dug a little deeper and found the table in the “PersonaBarMenu” table. To my surprise, the module Search Boost┬áby DNN Sharp simply added a row to this table. Huzzah!

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Setting Page Name in DotNetNuke

I was creating a custom module for DNN today and had to do some research on how to set the page title, meta description, and keywords. Code snippets are below.

You can use this same method to set the meta description and keywords.